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Feature Rescue Animal

Nine years ago, an old friend called to tell us about a dog that had been wandering onto his property for weeks in search of food. The puppy was in terrible shape - she was bloody and her skin was severely torn up. He asked us to please come and try to get this dog to a vet to receive the care it so desperately needed. So off we went to Perris, California to meet Georgia, not knowing if we could even find her or what shape she would be in when we finally arrived. We weren't there for more than thirty minutes when up the dirt driveway came this poor dog looking like she had been run over by a lawnmower.

Even though she was not socialized we were able to leash Georgia and get her into the front seat of the truck for the long ride back to Santa Barbara. After taking a close look at her and the devastating condition she was in, we were forced to admit that she may need to be euthanized. During the ride home, one of our volunteers began singing "Georgia On My Mind" and, slowly but surely, Georgia inched closer and closer until eventually her head was on his lap. She remained there the rest of the ride home, as if she understood that she was finally safe.

Even so, we weren't yet sure, we could save her. When we got Georgia to the vet it was determined that she was only about a year old and had an extremely severe case of demodectic mange which was, thankfully, treatable. Aggressive treatment was needed for a long period of time, but she recovered to grow into the beautiful Akita/Anatolian Shepherd mix you see here today.

Georgia has been with us ever since. She has kept a bit of her wild nature, and remains unyieldingly attached to our volunteer who sang to her that first day. And although she loves to bark at people, her tail now wags all the while. She is healthy and happy and beautiful, and has a good life with us here at the Rescue's dog sanctuary.